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An exciting opportunity has arisen to welcome three graduates back to WSLA as facilitators for the 2024 residential programme. This forms a key part of the WSLA legacy and we wish to attract a range of experiences and backgrounds from different areas of the sport and sport-for-change industries.

Being a WSLA 2024 facilitator offers the chance to grow your skills and experiences of coaching individuals and groups, deliver high-quality programme content to very able audiences, communicate critical themes around personal development, and grow as part of a highly-skilled and emotionally intelligent professional team.

WSLA 2024 will be hosted from Sunday 08 September to Friday 13 September. The programme development team from Leading Edge Performance will support you every step of the way, including identifying what you wish to achieve from WSLA 2024.

Applications are open to graduates of any WSLA programme. We have budgeted a fixed fee for your involvement as a facilitator. We can also contribute toward travel costs, though would be appreciative if support could be sourced.

A link to the application form can be found after the list of role expectations below. Please read these carefully. 


Applications close 5pm (BST) Friday 10 May. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Become a WSLA 2024 facilitator

Expectations before the residential week:

  • 1x 90mins call via Teams with Leading Edge Performance and other successful WSLA 2024 facilitators to introduce each other and understand the high-level overview of the programme (anticipated June)

  • 1x one-to-one call via Teams with either Sarah or Tina from Leading Edge Performance to discuss your role and contribution to the residential week and what support you require (anticipated June)

  • Based on what has been agreed about your specific role, you will complete preparation and planning for sessions that you will deliver during the residential week

  • 1x 120mins briefing via Teams with the programme team to go through the full programme and sessions in detail (anticipated July)

  • 1x 60mins final check-in via Teams the week before the residential with the programme team (September)

Expectations during the residential week:

  • Sunday 08 September: After a lunchtime arrival, you will learn your surroundings and assist with final set-up ahead of the 5pm start

  • Monday-Friday (09-13 September):

    • You will be present for nearly all of the sessions throughout the week. As you are aware from being a participant, WSLA is an intense week for all involved. We recognise the importance of time needed to decompress

    • You will form part of a collegiate, flexible and dynamic delivery team that look to care for and develop each other. This will include short meetings outside of the programme schedule to check-in and reflect on observations from the day

    • You will recognise the organic culture of the cohort and identify participants who may require further support

    • You will lead the facilitation of a reflection room, where participants debrief and discuss learnings from the day

    • You will facilitate and hold conversations with participants throughout the week to encourage and embed learnings

    • You will engage with one-to-one coaching conversations in response to particular sessions (e.g., 360 feedback)

    • You will contribute to the preparation of different sessions in conversation with the programme team

    • You will lead at least one session that has been identified and developed over the previous few months in conversation with Leading Edge Performance

    • You will share your learnings, experiences and impact from your own WSLA programme during particular touchpoints with the 2024 cohort

  • At an advanced level, we can discuss with you the extent of your involvement at the front of the room and/or leading established sessions during the residential week

Expectations after the residential week:

  • 1x 60mins evaluation meeting via Teams with the programme team (anticipated November)

Applications close 5pm (BST), Friday 10 May

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